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VF Warrior 4030 Mobile Stage Systems

The Warrior Mobile Stage 4030 systems are an excellent choice for smaller outdoor stages, still with heavy duty construction and high rig capacity Visionfab stages are known for. Total 52 ft wide, 40 ft tall, rigs 48,000 lbs, Composed of 40 ft roof with 5 ft audio fly bays, sets up in a few hours.  Manufactured by the team of experts at Visionfab. Certified structural engineering documentation is available on request.

Stage includes a 40 x 30 play deck, one set of stairs, removable wind walls on 3 sides and a banner downstage rig package for 3 printed panels. This system can also include a small covered front of house position ( deck and cover ) all in one semi truck. These systems set up in 2 hours with 3 stagehands. Up and down fast, these are great stage systems for corporate tours, and street closings in between stoplights etc..

Weather Protection - Full solid walls or 70% walls are available. The Solid walls reduce the wind resistance and need to be removed for high winds. The 70 % stays up rated to 70 MPH - Most systems are pictured here without walls for clarity of the systems. Weather protected work areas are also included in these systems

Adds -  Soundwing Decks, Loading Docks, Spotlight Towers, Barricade, Rolling Risers, Camera Platforms, ADA Platforms, VIP platforms, Jib Platforms, Digitally Printed Soft Goods, etc. are also available through Spectrum.


- All points can be dead hung any where on the grid ( unlike the others who have dedicated rig locations )

- Riggers can climb through the roof grid ( unlike the others ) this speeds load in, load out and accommodates changes

- Electronic remote controlled system - Operator can roam free 60 feet during set and strike for visibility and safety ( others can not )

- Spartan systems are rated for a 70mph wind with wind walls attached.  (Unlike other systems rated at 40)

- All wind walls are removable for safety (unlike others)

- Spartan systems fly bays have offstage columns to the ground for stability and load capacity ( others do not )

- 700,000 miles & 1456 show days without fail ever ( unlike the others ) make Warrior a first choice for 40x30 mobile stage needs