We are an international and a local provider. Although most of our business is done in the United States, Canada & Mexico, We have also provided services in Europe, South America, Austrailia, Japan, etc. We ship worldwide. Whether you need a a stage downtown this weekend, 12 semis across the country or 40 sea containers in Jerusalem. Spectrum has you covered. We are a couple hours away by plane. Call today for a face to face meeting or an in person site survey.

Spectrum is an international provider of concert production equipment, ideas, people and specialized motion processes. We operate facilities in Minneapolis and Las Vegas. We are a show services company, providing effective solutions tailored to our clients needs including equipment, trucking, technicians, design and custom manufacturing, all fully engineered, insured and safe for over 18 years. Staging, rigging, lighting and scenic indoors and out for corporate, tours, festivals and other


How do we do it ? Quality people paying attention to what you need. The gear is great, the staff is better.  From the first phone call we provide constant client communication, 3D designs, 3D CAD technical drawings, certified structural engineering, accurate documentation, proper advance, and owned trucking. We provide talented people tackling changes and challenges onsite. Our guys go to the mat for our clients. Call us today to get started.


Why choose Spectrum ?  When you cant take a chance on it not being right.  In an ever changing business with constant challenges, we will get it done right, some how, some way. Our strength is quality people, 18 years international experience, multiple departments and capabilities, large inventory & owned trucking. This makes Spectrum a first choice. We care about your results. We have and a long list of satisfied clients. We would like you to be one of them