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Stages Built Over Pools  - Pool Conversions

High profile clients want often to turn the pool area into a venue. Spectrum builds the stage you need over the pool. Water in or water out.  With Spectrum's pool floor leg treatments, The stage will install and uninstall without damaging the pool floor, any surrounding property or sensitive areas. Prefer to see the water beneath your feet? Use Spectrum's clear plexy stage decks.  Drain the pools, remove the palm trees, fill all pools with stage decks and carpet. Build a stage on top. Create a concert venue and have a show. Spectrum designs heavy under shoring systems for high capacity loading areas 10-30,000 lbs. Too many size configurations to list, call us with your needs and Spectrum will tailor a system for your project. Many options available make spectrum is a first choice vendor for stages built over pools or pool conversion needs. Contact a Spectrum representative today to place your order.


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