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Lighting Design
Spectrums lighting designers employ all the latest technology, creativity & tricks of the trade to deliver your vision. Past clients Include Wells Fargo, XM Radio, Yahoo, Lenny Kravitz, AT&T etc.

Stage Design
Spectrum provides stage system design services for any event. Past clients include Walmart, Target, Bacardi, Heineken etc.

Installation Design
Spectrum provides Installation design for any venue indoors and out . Past clients include University of MN, Acadia College - Nova Scotia, Grand Casinos, Living Word Church, etc.

Site Design
Spectrum provides site plan design for any venue or location. Past clients include Pepsi, Caesars Palace,  etc.

3D modeling, CAD drawings, 3D renderings, D size prints all provided in house at Spectrum with certified structural engineering.

Experience & Execution
Spectrum has been providing design services for 18 years. Fly anywhere for site surveys & face to face meetings. We take existing ideas and refine them, or start from a blank sheet of paper. We then perform revisions to client final approval.


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