34 x 24  - 4 POST SYSTEMS


34  x  24  - 4 Post  - Roof & Stage - Equipment Summary

1 each -  34' x 24' roof tops

1 each - 32' x 20' stage deck, 

1 each - sets of stairs,

3 each removable wind walls

1 each - high banner downstage rig package for 3 printed panels.

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34 x 24  - 4 Post  - Self Climbing Roof & Stage Systems

Some of our clients think the tiny mobile stages look like a food truck or utility van. We get it. Keep the concert look with a small self climber. Virtually the same set up time and labor, the 34 x 24 self climbing roof & stage systems are a clean, small, fast setting, self climbing stage roof option in Spectrum's inventory. These roof structures have a non load bearing interior and are widely used for corporate events, plaza stages, political events, dedications, etc. Total 34 ft wide, 24 ft tall, rigs 2,000 lbs, Composed one 34' x 24' load bearing roof top  over a 32 x 20' stage deck,  one set of stairs, removable wind walls on 3 sides and a high banner downstage rig package for 2 printed panels. Additional equipment can include a covered work area deck stage left and right, loading ramps, covered front of house positions ( deck and cover )  all in one 24 ft truck.  These systems set up in a 3 hours with 6 stagehands.  Manufactured by the team of experts at Visionfab. Certified structural engineering documentation is available on request.

Adds - Loading docks, Front of House Positions, Spotlight Towers, Barricade, Rolling Risers, Camera Platforms, ADA Platforms, VIP platforms, Jib Platforms, Digitally Printed Soft Goods, etc. are all available through Spectrum

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