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Production Drapery & Soft Goods Services

Used in a wide variety of applications, Spectrum’s heavy duty theatrical soft goods can be used to dress up a performance area or transform convention centers, warehouses and arenas into aesthetically pleasing rooms for corporate settings. In addition wrapping a full room can solve boomy audio problems. A common order may be 900 linear ft of 30ft blacks on truss & motors for perimeter drape.

For touring sets, nothing is quicker for design and as inexpensive to transport as drape and fabric. For reveals or a surprise entrance, Spectrum’s kabuki drops and reveal systems are the perfect solution. Our straight and curved traveler tracks can be used for light or heavy-duty applications and can be installed for use as side pull or center pull, with either manual or motor operation.

Whether you are blacking out an entire convention center, or designing a drape system for an arena or tour, Spectrum can provide house blacks, white & grey cycs, sharks tooth scrims, natural and painted muslin panels and more. In addition, custom digitally printed soft goods & scenic drops are available on request through Vision Fabrication and Design.  With thousands of feet in stock and virtually every size and type available Spectrum is a first choice vendor for your drape rental needs. Contact a Spectrum representative today to place your order.