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VF 16' Turntable Stage Systems

The VF 16' Turntable Stage Systems. Total 16 ft outside diameter, 12" tall, carries 15,000 lbs, electric drive, remote control,  variable speed, reversible sets up in a few hours. These systems set up in 2  hours with 4 stagehands. Manufactured by the team of experts at Visionfab. Ships in one 24 ft truck.

These systems can include a surround stage, making the turntable submerged flush. Multiple floor treatment options are available including marley, carpet, marlite, and digitally printed floor covering or printed carpet .

- 16 ft diameter turntable stage system, solid surface black                        
- Coffin locking and pin connect / breaks down for travel in carts
- Electric drive rotation package          
- Remote control for electric drive system                  
- Reversible by remote control           
- Variable speed by remote control  

- 10 ft H x 15 ft W Fabric Frame / Splits Turntable
- 20 ft x 20 ft Surround Deck for 16 ft Dia Turntable System