Stage Ramps & Systems

The ramp, sounds easy right ? Not always. Sometimes 300 feet long with grilled surface, 60 moving lights and maybe lifting like a 100 ft drawbridge by remote control can make it a little more involved. How about 9 rolling ramps retracting under the stage ?  Spectrum provides stage ramps, ramp systems & structures in virtually any size or shape. From truck ramps for production equipment, to specialty show ramps for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, horses, wrestlers etc.  Spectrum provides retractable ramps, fly in ramps, draw bridge style ramps, and some are motorized or automated, with multiple surface choices including plexy, grilled, marley, marlite, carpet, digitally printed & branded etc,. Certified structural engineering documentation is available on request. Too many size configurations to list, call us with your needs and Spectrum will tailor stage ramp systems for your event. Many options available make spectrum is a first choice vendor for your stage ramp rental needs. Contact a Spectrum representative today to place your order.


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