Vision Fab Mobile Stages

Spectrum is an entertainment structures company. Other mobile stages on the market are built by companies who will boast mobile stages (trucks & trailers) is all they do. This is a detriment. Our clients call them clunky and not production friendly. They don't know staging, rigging or entertainment production. We do. Which is why Spectrum proudly provides Visionfab hydraulic mobile stages, designed and manufactured by the experts at Vision Fabrication and Design for entertainment production. These systems set up in a fraction of the time of conventional stage systems using remote controlled hydraulics.  Nine different size configurations are available, Scroll down to choose your system. Many Titan variations are available. Unlike its competitors, the Titan Mobile Stage Systems boast a perfect track record spanning 18 years of outdoor shows throughout North America without fail. Spectrum is a first choice vendor for your mobile stage needs. Contact a Spectrum representative today to quote mobile stage systems for your next event.

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