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Mobilator Stage Thrust Systems - Remote Controlled Motorized Thrust

Spectrum’s heavy duty mobilator stage thrust systems imitate a magic carpet. Used as a thrust, mobilator stage systems magically and quietly telescope a thrust out from under the stage into place. often while artists are performing or speakers are presenting, downstage to play and then back upstage when finishing to be concealed all by remote control. Mobilators are powered, reversible, variable speed, remote controlled and sit a minimum of 8" high to any height.  Combine with a track deck system, arena arbor system or kenesys programmable hoist system to provide the reveal. Any size is available. Travel distance is unlimited. Standard mobilator decks are 4x8 but any size and shape can be provided. These systems make it possible for dramatic moving presentations. To implement into a stage set custom manufacturing is available. With virtually any size or configuration available Spectrum is a first choice vendor for your Mobilator Stage  Thrust needs. Contact a Spectrum representative today to place your order.