When it has to be right the first time, Spectrum provides its television clients with multiple production elements they can count on. On the staging side, we provide the equipment that our clients need. On the lighting side, we design great rigs and looks. Spectrum knows you have a job to do and a reputation to keep, and most importantly what it takes to get the shot.  Hand us your needs and we will be a partner in your success

Spectrum provides its festival clients with multiple production elements. On the staging side, we provide the main stages & smaller stages, VIP areas, audio delays, video towers, barricade, risers, entry ways, field cover, etc. On the lighting side, we design great rigs and looks. Hand us your artists needs and we will take care of the rest.


Spectrum is often called to do things never done before. As an example: this set (7 trucks) was built in 14 days, this show (212 points) was rigged in one day. Being able to provide multiple elements for its corporate clients, rigging, scenic, lighting and automation makes Spectrum a first choice corporate events.

We know time is tight, space is limited, your schedule is 24/7 and that tours are ticket sales driven, and the more you carry the more you spend. Spectrum provides its tour clients with designs that satisfy the artist, the LD, the TM, the PM and management. We design equipment to look great, load in and load out fast, break down and pack tight, ready for air freight and designed with the right power for the right country. We know you have many choices for vendors and we will earn your business every day. Call Spectrum for touring needs today.

Spectrum provides its film clients with the ability to fulfill their vision. Who can do that ? Where can I get that ? Is that possible ? Who should we call for that? We are right in there with you.  A formal 3 piece band needs to appear floating on a womans dress in a lake,  from behind a 40ft video screen, while she sings dream the impossible dream....and the screen needs to disappear into the lake underwater by remote control,  and time it so the song will finish with the band arriving at the at the shore. Ok lets get started.